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How do I configure a cron job?

Login to cPanel. Locate and click on the "Cron Jobs" icon under the "Advanced" category. Fill in the required information. Common Settings - You can use this dropdown list to populate all but the last fields. Minute - The minute setting for the cron job. Hour - The hour setting for the cron job. Day - The day setting for the cron job. Month - The month setting for the cron job....

What are cron jobs?

Cron jobs are routines that execute a script on any given interval. For instance, you may have a script that cleans files from a directory or updates a certain database and need to run that script every few hours. This would be accomplished with a cron job, because the cron job would execute the same script however often you tell it to run.

What are error pages?

Error pages are the pages displayed when a user tries to access a location on your site and encountered an error. There are many different types of errors, the most common ones are: 301 - The page has been moved Permanently 401 - The user does not have permission to view the file/directory. 404 - The page could not be found (bad URL). 500 - One of your scripts is not functioning...

What does Network Tools do?

Network Tools enables you to query a domain and retreieve relevant information about that domain. Network tools will return the IP address of the server it's hosted on, as well as the names of the DNS servers and their IP addresses. This is very useful when configuring or troubleshooting an issue and you need to obtain this information quickly within cPanel.