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How do I backup my cPanel account?

Login to cPanel. Locate and click on the "Backup Wizard" icon within the "Files" category. Click on the "Backup" button. Select to do either a "Full" or "Patrial" backup. Full - Backs up everything on the server for your account. Partial - Backs up only selected objects. Partial backup files can be restored via the cPanel interface.

How do I see how much disk space I am using?

Login to cPanel. Locate the "Stats" column on the left of the page and find the row labeled "Disk Space Usage". This shows you how much disk space you are using, and how much you are allowed to use.

How do I use the File Manager?

Login to cPanel Locate and click on the "File Manager" icon from within the "Files" category. You will be redirected to the File Manager, where you can upload, download, and delete files on the server. A - Settings. Modify the settings for the File Manager here. B - Action Toolbar. Use this toolbar to interact with the files on the server. C - Location. Your location relative to...

What's the fastest way to transfer files?

The File Manager is good if you need to upload just a couple of files quickly, but if you are uploading hundreds or even thousands of files at once, FTP is a much faster solution. There are many FTP clients readily available for free, and most can be installed and setup in less than 15 minutes.